Welsh Greeting Cards

Welsh greeting cards
Welsh greeting cards

The Huw Thomas Gallery is an online retail business which specializes in Welsh and Celtic themed gifts, jewellery and other items. To find a gift for a Welsh friend or acquaintance, go to huwthomasgallery.com and click on the headings to see the products. Read about their selection of Welsh language greeting cards below:
Greeting cards are a great traditional way to celebrate significant occasions, stay in touch with old acquaintances, and reassure loved ones that they are still in our thoughts. The internet has given us more power than ever to find exactly the products we wish to buy for any situation, and greeting cards are no exception. It would be rather inconsiderate to send an English language to a foreign friend who did not speak our language. However, it would be a nice touch to find a card written in our friend’s native language or have our sentiments translated and written down.
With this in mind, why do we insist on sending greeting cards only in our own language, even if it can be easily read by the recipient? Why should we send English cards to German and French friends, when the internet makes it easy to find cards in these languages or to have what we write translated directly? If you want to reach someone’s heart, it is always more effective to address them in their native language.
We can often forget, though, that a significant percentage of the residents of the United Kingdom do not speak English as a first language. Welsh is by far and away the most popular indigenous minority language in our islands, and now there is no excuse not to send your friends and relatives in Cymru greetings cards in their own native tongue.
A wedding anniversary, especially a landmark one, is a fine time to send a card to acquaintances you may not have contacted for some time. It would be shameful if you were to forget such an occasion, especially if you were present at the wedding! Or the birth of a child is another great opportunity to get back in touch. Of course, there are many other personal landmarks and holiday seasons we like to celebrate by sending greeting cards, and The Huw Thomas Gallery can supply Welsh language greeting cards suitable for any of them.
Or, even if there’s no occasion and you just want to say “Hello” and “Remember me” to your old friends, just choose from the selection of blank Welsh themed cards on which you can include your own message. The Huw Thomas Gallery sources all its products from local artisans and craftspeople where possible, and many of their cards feature photographed or painted scenes from their local Welsh countryside, often contributed by local Welsh artists.
Aside from the wide range of greeting cards, this online shop has many other Welsh themed gift ideas which will inspire and intrigue. When you see all these fascinating products, you’ll wish you had Welsh friends to send them to!