Welsh Cards

welsh cards
Welsh cards

The notion of getting a greeting card in the mail is special. With the ease of sending something electronic that is not that personal, gifting has changed. We aim to bring back the good old fashioned idea of sending something through the mail. The fact that you take the time to do this sends a message in itself that you care. Taking the time to pick a card and write a message in handwriting shows the importance the person has on your life. 

We offer Welsh cards for every occasion. Sympathy, get well, birthday, Saint David’s Day, and Christmas are just a few of the occasions we have cards for. Our cards come with a message already in them or blank inside. And they have the most amazing designs from original paintings and other art that will delight all fans of Welsh heritage. You can easily view any of our cards by choosing a category with our drop down menu, or browse and click on the card you like. 

Whichever way you search for a card, you can learn about the images on them and what it says inside. You can place your order and choose your shipping to get it to you or the person you are sending it to in the right amount of time. Buy in bulk to have enough for everyone you want to send the card to or to have on hand. 

Our prices are affordable, and you will think you got much more value than what you paid for. We hand select our cards to ensure they carry the Welsh feeling and pride, as well as their suitability for the moment you need them for. You simply cannot go wrong buying from us. Contact us today with questions or place an order and get your card in the mail and make someone feel special.