Welsh Celtic Jewellery, Porthcawl

Welsh Celtic Jewellery, Porthcawl
Welsh Celtic Jewellery, Porthcawl

The Celtic world and the history of the Celtic design is full of symbolism. Beautiful in its own right, much Celtic jewellery can be owned simply because it looks stunning. Whether it be a ring, a choker, a pendant or a set of earrings, these ornate types of Celtic jewellery have been used for centuries as a way to express many different things from a union, to a faith, to a feeling.
Here at Huw Thomas Gallery, we have a wonderful choice of Welsh Celtic jewellery, Porthcawl and other welsh communities will be familiar with. For example, the Celtic tree of life or the Celtic cross are designs that can be seen everywhere, especially within Wales itself.
The Welsh Celtic jewellery we have available in Porthcawl for our online customers, feature Celtic knots. The Celtic knot is known for having no beginning or end in its intricate design, but continues in a line of metalwork that leads back to its beginnings. This is known to symbolise eternity, and can be applied to the loyalty you have for a faith or person, a strong bond of friendship or an undying love. No wonder then, that the Celtic knot can also be seen featuring on the Welsh love spoons and our selection of love spoon pendants and other jewellery we have here in Porthcawl.
This sentiment alone makes the Welsh Celtic jewellery we have available for purchase at our online store, run from Porthcawl, the perfect present for the ones you care about. When expressing to a childhood friend that no matter how much time goes by between seeing each other that you will still feel a connection to them, much like the continuous connection in Celtic Knotwork, this is an excellent choice. It is also ideal to demonstrate the ongoing romantic love you feel for your life partner.
Celtic knots are believed to be dated back as far as 500 B.C.E, but most that we know of them can be seen and found in historical references, when the Christian faith mingled with the designs of the Celts. For example, you can see in some of the Christian artwork held in the local churches many of the Celtic knots featuring heavily within them.
The popularity of the Celtic knot, especially in its use in jewellery has never faded, as even from the time the 11th century aristocrats would pay for these elaborate designs to be used in ornaments and perhaps even jewellery.
Today, you can purchase your own choice of Welsh Celtic jewellery without the need for commissioning someone to make them for you. At Huw Thomas Gallery, based in Porthcawl, we have enough choice to satisfy everyone’s love of this ancient artform. The Celtic tree of life can be bought as earrings and/or a pendant. We have wonderful dangle earrings with different coloured stones at the base and held together in the metal design of Celtic Knotwork.
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