Welsh Cards, Porthcawl

Welsh Cards, Porthcawl
Welsh Cards, Porthcawl

Greeting cards or post cards are, for the most part, a universally excepted way of sending the people you know a specific message of congratulations, sympathy and acknowledgement. Although most of these cards feature a particular message on their front, and sometimes even a sentence or limerick overleaf, there are many cards and post cards available for that are blank and are more adaptable. Here at Huw Thomas Gallery based in Porthcawl, we have a good selection of Welsh cards, for many different occasions and sentiments. The cards are all welsh themed, but the variety of choice is perfect for whatever occasion you need them for.
We have Welsh cards for the holiday seasons. The benefit of purchasing from us online, is that you can choose from a big collection of individual Welsh cards, for your Christmas greeting cards for example, and have a good selection to send out to different members of your family as well as your close friends. We encourage you to look at our page on post and delivery to find out more about ordering your Welsh cards in bulk.
Other cards that are Welsh themed include the use of daffodils, iconic scenes of Welsh towns, villages and ports such as our own home at Porthcawl, references to our beloved rugby, and of course, our Welsh dragon ‘Y Ddraig Goch’.
Porthcawl itself is known as a fabulous holiday resort, and as such a good supply of Porthcawl themed postcards can be found on our site. Beautiful scenes of sunsets and mighty waves beating at Porthcawl harbours’ walls, are just some of the scenes depicted on our cards. With several beeches to choose from in Porthcawl, and some of them marked with the blue flag standards of excellence, there are plenty of magnificent scenes that feature within the selection of Porthcawl postcards. Welsh cards of Porthcawl also include the marina, Sker House as well as the iconic Welsh scenes that surround, and the wildlife that can be found all around such as poppies.
Wales is known as the land of castles. There are 600 castles to be found on this beautiful landscape, and has been a muse of folklore inspiration and a subject matter for many paintings and pictures down the years. Is it any wonder then that we have a good selection of Welsh cards featuring paintings of the many castles and the iconic Welsh scenes that lay around them? Caerphilly Castle, as well as Pembroke castle are just some to mention. Other painted scenes from the prints of originals painted by Marianne Brand and Adrian James, include St David’s Cathedral, Tenby Harbour, Worms Head Gower and Saundersfoot Harbour.
There are also St David’s cards, birthday and Welsh themed Anniversary cards available online, run from here in the heart of South Wales at Porthcawl.
For more information please contact us. To see what other Welsh gifts and cards, Porthcawl based Huw Thomas Gallery have to offer, please check out our website at www.huwthomasgallery.com. We are positive you will find the right Welsh card to suit your needs.