Welsh Gifts, Porthcawl

Welsh gifts, Porthcawl
Welsh gifts, Porthcawl

Porthcawl is a wonderful place to visit. With the blue flag beeches to enjoy as well as an extensive promenade, and plenty of places of interest to go to, it makes the perfect family holiday destination. Porthcawl is also known for having a large caravan park, that brings lots of tourists to this part of south Wales, and plenty of hotels and B&B’s for people to choose from.
But did you know that there is a Welsh gift shop that has been operation in Porthcawl since the 1980’s. It has a huge array of Welsh gifts to offer you, either as memory of your travels to Wales, or to own as a proud part of the heritage of those born on Welsh soil. With traditional collector items such as Welsh Love Spoons, or locally made slate coasters, Celtic jewellery and much more, you can find all you could need for gifts for your family friends and perhaps something special for yourself. And the best part of it all is, you don’t have to be in Porthcawl to purchase one of our welsh gifts. The Porthcawl based, Huw Thomas Gallery is now exclusively an online gift shop. So, no matter where you visit in Wales, whether the South in Porthcawl, or the North in Rhyl, you will be able to purchase one or more of our gifts and have them delivered to your home address.
When people go on holiday, they often buy little trinkets and gifts to remember something about their visit. Then they may pick up some items as a gift for their nearest and dearest. When you have finished your holiday, you then have the task of getting all of these goodies packed away in the exact same suitcase you came with. Will they fit without incurring damage? Possibly not. Rather than cart them all home with you, why not order them at our online shop, run from the Welsh holiday resort itself, and have them delivered straight to your door back at home wherever you live? That way you can still have the joy of giving gifts out, without the need for squeezing them into whatever space you have left in your suitcase.
There are choices in our jewellery collections, from the Celtic inspired to jewellery with a Welsh theme and more. Daffodil brooches, brooches with the Welsh Dragon, and Welsh language inspired jewellery such using the word Cariad (darling or sweetheart) for your nearest and dearest to own and wear with pride.
We have pens for both men and women with Welsh girls’ names and boys’ names on them, that make ideal Welsh gifts to own at home as a memory or token of your time spent on Welsh soil, either in Porthcawl or any other part of this beautiful country.
There are many other gifts available from our website shop, run from Porthcawl. To see more, go to www.huwthomasgallery.com where you will find a huge selection of goods that will no doubt suit every bodies taste and age.