At the Huw Thomas Gallery, we are the number one choice for some of the finest and most extensive varieties of Lovespoons not only in Wales but in the United Kingdom. The Huw Thomas Gallery is renowned throughout the Uk for some of the most elegant jewellery and gifts that can be given to somebody who appreciates something a little different.

We offer a range of Lovespoons made from a variety of materials, and we are proud to provide a style of Welsh Lovespoon for everybody. When it comes to pewter and hand-carved Lovespoons, we have a range that is one of envy. Our extensive range includes:

Welsh Dragon Lovespoons
Three Hearts & Horseshoe Designs
Hand-Crafted Hardwood Celtic
And many more

All of the Lovespoons in our collection are carefully selected, and all take pride of place in our homeland pride of Wales collection.

If you are an admirer of the Lovespoon, we also offer a range of Lovespoon based jewellery. Our jewellery selection is elegant and flawless by design. So, if you are looking to extend your jewellery collection with something that represents your homeland or heritage, then some of our Lovespoon inspired jewellery could be precisely what you are looking for.

The History Of The Lovespoon

Centuries ago in Wales, a tradition was born that involved the carving and giving of Lovespoons. The name becomes somewhat apparent when we realise that a young welsh lover gave the spoon to the person that they held love for.

While the young lover would primarily give their desire cakes and sweets, the presentation of the Lovespoon was more personal and represented the love that was to be given. If you would like to see one of the earliest examples of a Lovespoon that dates back to 1667, then you can visit the Museum of Welsh Life.

Nowadays, we commonly refer to an act of cuddling as spooning; it is thought that this name derives from the presentation of Lovespoons throughout Celtic tradition. While Lovespoons are more prominent throughout Welsh history, they have been known throughout Europe in many Celtic countries. In fact, in Brittany, the literal translation for their Lovespoons translates to “spoons of marriage”.

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Whether you are a traditionalist and you are trying to woo a partner in an old fashioned way, or whether you are looking for something elegant and beautiful to add to your collection, The Huw Thomas Gallery is here to provide you with everything you need.
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