Celtic Pens

Welcome to Huw Thomas Gallery, where you can shop a wide range of beautiful gifts, sourced right here in Wales and from around the world. Whether you’re looking for a souvenir from a holiday in a Wales or a present for a loved one who loves Wales, you can shop from our range of Welsh greeting cards, lovespoon jewellery, Celtic jewellery, Welsh lovespoons, and other handcrafted gifts.

The Huw Thomas Gallery first opened in the mid-1980s, selling a range of gifts and souvenirs, mostly sourced from craftspeople in our local area. Over the years, our business has grown and in 2007 we closed our store in order to focus on our website and carry a larger range of gifts. We still sell gorgeous Welsh gifts, but you’ll also find interesting items from all over the world.

Celtic Pens
We stock a range of gorgeous Welsh and Celtic pens in a range of designs.

We have a beautiful Pewter pen, with a design of Celtic knotwork with dragon heads. The pen comes in a smart presentation box, making this a beautiful gift for anyone who appreciates a smart pen, or Welsh pewter. The [en is opened and closed by twisting the two sections, and refills can be bought to keep your pen going.

We also have fountain pens, with either a black and silver Welsh dragons, or yellow and silver daffodils. Both fountain pens come in a presentation box, so they make great presents. The pens can be easily be refilled with new ink cartridges so you can keep using the same pen for a long time. If you love the black and silver design, but don’t get along with a fountain pen, we have a standard pen with a daffodil design in the same black and silver. This pen comes alone, or in a set with a letter opener, to make a gorgeous set to keep on your desk.

If you have a Welsh name, you know how hard it can sometimes be to find personalised pens or other souvenirs with your name written on. Not at Huw Thomas Gallery! We have a large selection of pens with Welsh men’s and women’s names printed on them, from Aeronwen to Wyn. These make great gifts for kids, who may find it annoying when they can’t buy those classic personalised items in tourist shops when they want a souvenir of their holiday.

If you’re looking for Celtic pens or any other Welsh gifts, you can shop here on our website. Our range makes great gifts for homesick Welsh people living away from home, those who love to holiday in Wales or to welcome new Welsh residents to the country. Whatever the occasion, we have the perfect gift. We offer free local delivery to addresses in Porthcawl or deliver with Royal Mail anywhere in the UK. Orders of over £100 are delivered free! If you have any questions about our range, you can call us on 01656 773727 or email info@huwthomasgallery.com.