Lovespoon Brooch

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Lovespoon Gifts
Welsh lovespoons are highly decorated carved wooden spoons, that are traditionally given as a romantic gift. The lovespoon is usually decorated with various symbols of love. Traditionally there were given to show off the skills of the carver. Lovespoons have been gifted between lovers, friends, and family as a Welsh custom since the 17th century. Young men would carve a spoon from one piece of wood using symbols of love, including hearts, knotwork, bells, and horseshoes.

Traditional lovespoons are still made and remain a popular gift and souvenir. However, the design can now also be found on many other gifts, from silver jewellery to spoons made of pewter.

A lovespoon brooch makes a beautiful gift or piece for yourself, to show off your Welsh roots or just your love of this meaningful designs. Choose a silver lovespoon brooch in various designs, or for something really special, choose a costume lovespoon brooch in a gold or silver finish, which come in a smart presentation box. A lovespoon brooch is an ideal gift for someone you love, whether you, they, or both of you are Welsh, or just love the history of these romantic designs.

If a lovespoon brooch isn’t for you, you can also find lovespoon earrings and pendants on our website, in silver and marcasite. We have lovespoon jewellery options in gold and silver, and all of our jewellery is securely shipped out in presentation boxes, so it will get to you in one piece, look great, and be easy to keep safe.

A lovespoon brooch, or any other piece of lovespoon giftware makes a beautiful gift for anniversaries, engagements, weddings, Valentine’s Day, weddings, Mother’s Day, on the birth of a new baby, or just to say I Love You.

Traditionally, the different symbols on the lovespoons were intended to communicate how a shy suitor really felt. Over the years, more symbols have added, and the spoons have become more elaborate and decorative. When buying a lovespoon, spend some time considering the symbols, so you can buy the piece most meaningful to you.

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