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Welsh gifts online
Welsh gifts online

For those who sell themed products to a selective market, the internet is a doorway which can allow them to reach their customers wherever they may be geographically. Online sales of goods aimed at small audiences are booming. Let’s consider an example.
Wales is a land of great heritage and proud traditions, and many Welsh natives like to show their pride in their nationality in aspects of their daily lives and online. There are areas of Wales where the Welsh language is by far the most spoken, despite the fact that other regions mostly use English. And symbols of the country like the red dragon and daffodil are in evidence in tourist areas as well as in private homes. Wales is a beautiful country, with sweeping landscapes and majestic mountains. It is understandable that natives miss it when they are away.
There is interest in Welsh themed gifts and other items decorated with national symbols. At the most basic level, those who take holidays in Wales might like to buy souvenirs of their trip, or local items as gifts for friends back at home, though such purchases will not usually be made online. Often these types of gifts are generic items, such as pens, keyrings, and fluffy dragons, which have been decorated with Welsh flags and symbols.
But there is increasing demand for a higher class of Welsh gifts. Online sales figures show that jewellers, artists and other specialists find there is a consistent demand for pieces reflecting the nationality of the customer. Welsh natives may go online to find nationalistically themed gifts for one another, or those from other lands may choose such an item to demonstrate their respect for a Welsh ex patriate who lives among them. Necklaces, pendants, brooches, rings, cufflinks, and ear rings can all be made to reflect the wearer. Some of these items have the three feathered crest of the Prince of Wales. Others have images of dragons, which feature prominently in Welsh folklore. The daffodil flower is another popular symbol of Wales.
Lovespoons are a traditional gift in Wales to display romantic intent. However these days these carved trinkets are just as likely to be given among friends to celebrate their shared heritage.
Whatever the motivation, online sales of Welsh gifts are booming, as is evidenced by such sites as The Huw Thomas Gallery. This company used to have a shop selling local gifts and handicrafts, but since taking all their business online they have found they have been able to reach a much wider customer base. Taking a look on the website, you will see sections for Welsh greeting cards, many of which can be adapted to suit any occasion. There are also pieces of jewellery as mentioned above, and home items like coasters. The coasters are, appropriately, made from Welsh slate.
If you are of Welsh descent or know someone that is, this website is likely to be of great interest to you. Enjoy browsing the beautifully crafted items and pictures.