Celtic Earrings

Celtic Earrings

Celtic symbols are rich in their symbolism and meaning. Giving the gift of a symbol of Celtic heritage that has special meaning for you or your loved one can add even more meaning to a thoughtful gesture.

Silver Celtic Earrings

We offer a variety of Celtic knot earrings in various sizes to choose from for any occasion. The pendants and earring wires are both made from sterling silver and come in a black box perfect to use as a gift.

Celtic knots have a lot of symbolism that make them special. The knots do not have a beginning or end, so they represent eternal loyalty, faith, friendship, and love. Only one thread is used in each design to symbolize how this life and all of eternity are connected.

Knotwork interlace patterns are meant to symbolize our life and the connection it has to the universe as a whole. This can include designs like the Trinity Knot which symbolizes God the Father, Christ, and the Holy Ghost, as well as the Lover’s Knot which symbolizes an unending and eternal love of two souls knitted together in heart, body, and soul.

Celtic Spirals represent individual accomplishment in balancing the inner self with the outer self. The patter represents the heavens, cosmos, and the ebb and flow of water. The spiral can also represent the sun, and a double spiral can represent the equinox.

Step knot patterns are representative of personal development and progression in life. It can also represent the connection between Earth and heaven. The Trinity knot represents all members of the Holy Trinity. It has also been used to represent the family unit of mother, father, and child.

Celtic Spiral knots stand for eternal life. There is one design which combines three spirals to stand for the forces of nature: water, fire, and earth. The Celtic love knot shows interlocked heart designs to represent the great love held between two people.

The Sailor’s knot looks like a rope woven together and represents knots made by sailors on long journeys to remember their loved ones. It represents friendship, affection, harmony, and love. It is a simple knot to tie but is also one of the strongest, like the bond between good friends.

Silver Celtic Cross Earrings

Small Celtic Cross earrings made in silver with an earring post or wire hooks are the perfect gift for the spiritual person in your life. They measure approximately 1.5cm x 1cm. They come in a black leatherette box that works perfectly as a gift box.

The details on the Celtic Cross have great religious meaning. The cross itself represents Christ and his sacrifice and resurrection for the sins of the world. Incorporated into the Celtic cross is a circle which represents the halo of Christ. The cross is usually adorned with Celtic knots, which also have great meaning behind them.

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